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Rolando Gonzales & Family with RbyH Directors Jeng-tek & Sue-Lynn

“From the moment I knew that I had been accepted to the INSEAD MBA program I knew that travelling from Chile to Singapore with wife and two kids was not going to be easy.

One of the main challenges was that I would have to commit with a 10 months Lease to an apartment I hadn’t even seen. Luckily I “bumped” into an INSEAD student’s post where he recommended very highly renting an apartment from Residences by Homestead (RbH).

It has been almost ten months living in an RbH apartment and my wife and I feel we could not have made a better decision regarding this matter. The apartment is very well kept, I would say the nicest among the Dover and Heritage ones I’ve seen. The landlord representative responds super quickly and we have never had any unresolved problem. It is a little more expensive than other apartments, but I think it is totally worth it when you take into account that the price includes $250 of utilities, cleaning lady once a week and you don’t pay broker’s commission. Besides, I didn’t lose any time setting up Wi-Fi connections, buying anything, or paying bills.”

Last but not least, I must say that the owners are amazing people and have been extremely helpful every time we have needed their help. Overall we would enthusiastically recommend RbH to anybody that plans on coming to Singapore to stay for some time.”

Rolando Gonzales / Chile / 13D

Farah Josephine Saleh

Staying at the Homestead Residences (Heritage) for an entire year has been one of the most pleasant experiences while in Singapore! -- the management is extremely cordial, Mastura: an absolute gem, the premises: top notch and the apartment: a home that I always looked forward to coming back to!


I cannot recommend this place enough, both to families and/or singles... especially INSEAD students! The location is ideal with an array of restaurants just a stone's throw away and a mall further down; being close enough to campus, one could walk down in a matter of minutes of even cab it every morning.


All in all, this was the best decision I took and was certainly value for money! just to add to this - I mean each and every word that I wrote above :)) thank you for everything!!!

— 11J, United Kingdom

Michael Bieh

We very much enjoyed our stay in your apartment and will happily recommend your place in the future.    

— 11J, Germany

Adeelah Nasser

The Apartment looked amazing and everyone was so nice when I emailed to ask questions.  I loved the apartment.  The whole experience was amazing.  Everyone was so helpful and responsive.  I would definitely recommend y’all to everyone I know.  Thanks for making my stay in Singapore worry free.  

— 11J, United Kingdom

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