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Since 2018

As a Singaporean MBA at the INSEAD Asia Campus in 2002, LOW Jeng-tek was constantly embarrassed that his fellow MBAs, guests in his country, generally had poor experiences staying at Heritage and Dover.  The challenges were many.  Fake agents, unresponsive agents, poorly furnished apartments, difficult relationships with landlords and condo security were common.  To top it all off, they were never sure of getting their security deposit back.  He vowed that if he ever had a chance, he would try to solve the problems and provide the visiting INSEAD MBAs with a good living experience in Singapore.

In the past decade and more, Jeng-Tek and the Team have built The Homestead Group into a respected Real Estate specialist in Heritage Properties.


With The Keystone, the Homestead Group has acquired a portfolio of Heritage Townhouses (built for the British Military forces in the 1950s) from the Singapore Government to build a Co-Living community for working professionals. 

Since 2006

the company

Since 1984

The Homestead Group traces its beginnings to 1984, when Founder LOW Siew Thiam started Homestead Furniture one of Singapore’s first Big-Box retailers catering to the country’s growing middle-class.  By the 1990s, Homestead achieved household name status and was the No.3 ranked furniture retailer in Singapore next to IKEA and Courts.  In the mid-1990s, Homestead expanded into Interior Design and was the showhome designer for private developments by major property developers like Capitaland, Keppel Land, MCL Land, and others.


Today, Homestead focuses solely on real estate. The Group specialises in owning and managing a portfolio of heritage properties, with a continuing Mission to Create New Value in Old Buildings.

the keystone team


As a Singaporean from the ‘02D Promotion, I was horrified by my classmates’ housing experience at Heritage/Dover.

I was embarrassed that this gave my classmates a poor taste of an otherwise positive impression of Singapore…

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project director

The housing problems that INSEAD students face haven’t changed in the last 20 years of the Asia Campus. 

When I came for my MBA in 2014, I was shocked to see that the world’s top business school had very limited options to stay around campus and so many pain points.

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We believe so very much in this project and truly want to better the lives of INSEADERs whom we have been serving for the past 11 years via our corporate apartments outfit known as The Residences by Homestead.


Our values of honesty, transparency, creativity and beauty will carry us through.

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“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But if it is, don’t stop till it’s mended. In fact, keep going until it exceeds.”

I believe things can always be better. I go to work everyday wondering how I can make someone’s life easier and happier and that in turn makes mine more exciting and meaningful. What better way to live one’s life!

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