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A personal story



Low Jeng Tek



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Heritage is located close to INSEAD, so it’s natural for my fellow MBA classmates to wish to live there.  However, as a Singaporean from the ‘02D Promotion, I was horrified by my classmates’ housing experience at Heritage/Dover – fake, rude and unresponsive agents; landlords who don’t deal with problem issues; untold extra hidden charges; suspicious security staff who target INSEAD MBAs; and most frustrating of all, not getting your security deposit back when you leave.

I was embarrassed that this gave my classmates a poor taste of an otherwise positive impression of Singapore.  One day, when there was a chance, I would try to make things better.

Meanwhile, I built a career in the asset management industry, and started investing in real estate.  Today, the Homestead Group is a real estate investment company which specializes in creating new value in heritage properties – Quadrant, O22, and Homestead Halls.

From 2006, we started acquiring apartments in Heritage and Dover to try to improve the MBA Housing experience.   We furnished them beautifully and rented them exclusively as full service premium apartments exclusively for INSEAD MBAs ( date, over 130 MBAs have stayed in our apartments, and quite a few of them have become good friends.

However, we know that owning just a few apartments at Heritage does not provide us with the scale and economies to solve the MBA Housing Problem. 15 years later in 2018, MBAs still face the same challenges as seen in the INSEAD Housing Survey.

Just recently, a cluster of colonial era properties located within the exclusive residential enclave of Holland Village has just become available.  If we do it right, we could fulfil our Dream:

To build an Exclusive INSEAD MBA only Housing Community:

  1. Honest, Open, and Transparent;

  2. Beautifully furnished, with services and tenancy periods tailored specially around the INSEAD Terms;

  3. With in-house Community and Networking activities (like Harvard and Stanford which has on-campus housing for MBAs) so that you get the FULL benefit of the MBA experience.

We’re really excited for you to join the Keystone Community and make the most of your MBA Experience!

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